Fire & Wild
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Each month we host an outdoor dining experience in the forest. There are 24 seats at the table.

We embrace traditional, wood-fired cooking techniques which celebrate the seasonal wild ingredients that we harvest from the surrounding landscape. Hunting and foraging provides us with ethically sourced organic meat, fresh line-caught fish, wild greens, berries and fungi.

Our secluded site sits within 10 acres of biodiverse mixed woodland just outside of Lewes, East Sussex. The forest is home to deer, rabbits, squirrels and many species of wild mushrooms and plants. We have a low impact, zero waste policy, using compost toilets and solar lighting.

Before each event our guests are collected from the local train station and taken to the site. Group travel reduces our carbon footprint and protects the forest.

We need the tonic of wildness. We can never have enough of nature.
— Henry David Thoreau
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Fire & Wild was established in 2017 by chef, hunter and forager Mark Andrews.

After several chaotic years working in the music industry in London he decided it was time to carve out a more simple way of life and returned to his rural roots.

The next few years were spent exploring the wild parts of Scotland, Sweden and France, cooking over fire and foraging for food during remote camping and canoe trips.

During his travels Mark would supply wild mushrooms to some of the UK’s top restaurants, often sampling some of their finest dishes in exchange for the contents of his basket. This behind the scenes access to the world of fine dining provided huge inspiration on his own journey to becoming a chef. Since then he has developed a unique style of cooking heavily influenced by the use of fire and the landscapes, habitats and wildlife of the boreal forest.



At Fire & Wild we take a hands-on, hunter gatherer approach to sourcing the ingredients that we use in our dishes. Our small team includes expert foragers, trained hunters, chefs and a sommelier and we all work together to gather the wild plants, mushrooms, fish and game for our kitchen.

We source other products from local hunters, Sussex vineyards, cheese makers, fishmongers and small scale organic farmers. Trusted connections with others in the wider local community ensure that we only work with ingredients produced by those who share our values. Through their methods and practices they are helping to support conservation and sustainable food production.

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This year we will be donating 5% of our profits to The Woodland Trust. We are proud supporters of their valuable work which includes the protection of UK forests and restoring ancient woodlands.

Ancient woodlands are our richest land-based habitat for wildlife. They are home to more threatened species than any other, and some may even be remnants of the original wildwood that covered the UK after the last Ice Age 10,000 years ago. Today ancient woodland covers only around 2% of the UK’s land area. If we lose what little we have left, it will be gone forever.

You can learn more about the charity by visiting their website -

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