Fire + Wild




We host regular immersive, outdoor dining experiences which take place in ever changing wild locations throughout the seasons. Each event begins with a guided foraging walk during which you will learn to safely identify some of the wild plants and fungi that we explore the habitat. Later we’ll head to location of our nomadic wild kitchen where the feast will begin…


For each event we create a unique multi-course tasting menu featuring the seasonal ingredients that we have gathered from the forest and surrounding landscape. All of the food is prepared in front of our guests over an open fire using sustainably harvested wood from the local area.

Our team will take you on an entertaining journey as we introduce the wild ingredients, carefully selected wines, hand-crafted wild cocktails and share the story of how each dish came to life.

FIRE+WILD Scallops Wild Boar Feast Forage Cook with Fire East Sussex Lewes


We never serve the same menu twice. The availability of our ingredients varies from day to day, according to the changing seasons, the weather and the spoils of our foraging team. Our dishes focus on native flavours and the culinary harmony achieved when combining wild ingredients from the same habitat.

FIRE+WILD Cooking with Fire East Sussex


The fire pit is the heart of our outdoor kitchen. It connects us with the forest, the ingredients and our hunter-gatherer roots. We embrace traditional, nomadic fire cooking techniques which add a unique complexity of flavour and texture to our dishes. Our guests enjoy an intimate, ringside experience as they eat.

FIRE+WILD foraging hunting cooking with fire East Sussex


Wild animals feed on a natural and varied diet which gives their meat a unique depth of flavour. They provide an ethical source of protein which is 100% organic and free of pesticides and hormones. Most of the meat we use in our kitchen is harvested as a by-product of essential conservation work and crop protection.

FIRE+WILD cocktails cooking with fire foraging east sussex


Each dish is paired with wine, wild cocktails and other infusions designed to compliment the flavours of the food. Our seasonal cocktails are made using spirits and liqueurs which we infuse with native herbs, spices and berries. We use locally produced wines from vineyards in Sussex and surrounding counties.